Bipolar Disorder Therapy

Individual Therapy in Jersey City, NJ

Bipolar disorder is a severe and persistent mental illness. Many people who suffer from it have a difficult time coping in their everyday lives. Simple tasks, like opening their mail or keeping their homes clean, become overwhelming. A compassionate and empathetic therapist who understands the daily challenges for these individuals can help enlighten and inspire them to mitigate, and even overcome, the symptoms of this disease. How the individual can get to understand the behaviors that get in the way of functioning can ease these daily challenges, and lead to a more productive and fulfilling life.

The symptoms of this disease go in cycles. Bipolar disorder 1 is distinguished by recurring mania, a heightened sense of energy in which one does not need much sleep and feels capable of conquering anything. The periods of mania usually end with the extreme opposite: spiraling depression, during which the individual feels stuck, unable to get out of bed, or do much of anything else. Bipolar disorder 2 sufferers have more ongoing depression, and within designated periods will have hypomanic episodes when individuals act out in maladaptive ways. Both types of bipolar disorder are characterized by racing thoughts, which interfere with concentration and cognitive processing.

Despite the challenges faced by people with bipolar disorder, there is hope. There are medications that help to lessen the mania and racing thoughts. Ongoing therapy and a well-developed treatment plan create greater stability, and allow individuals who suffer from the disorder to build and maintain fulfilling lives. Those who ignore their symptoms and don’t seek the help they need will continue to live unproductively and maladaptive. Take your first in managing this challenging disease by contacting a Bipolar Specialist at Tom Franco Therapy.

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